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Lucy Weir
6 min readSep 18, 2022

Here’s where you can find a (semi) complete list of all that I’ve written so far. I’m recovering from disorder disorder and part of that recovery includes going over the whole of my life so far and disentangling some of the knotty messes, reintegrating, reordering, recovering and reorganising — which is the story of my life.

I’m an eco-philosopher, a published author, and a yoga and meditation teacher. I write fiction and non-fiction, book reviews, observational pieces about people and places. Mostly, though, I write about the ecological emergency — climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, as well as attitude polarisation, addiction, loneliness (particularly solastalgia — loss of our sense of place — as a spiritual (by which I mean attitudinal) challenge), an emergence that is critical and urgent to confront the existential question: what is our life’s meaning, what is our true nature, and how are we to live well in a fragmenting world?

Inis Glora from Cross beach with Barnacle Geese, Feb 2022

Sept 2022

Sept 12 2022 Be careful what you wish for!
Sept 9 2022 Become a Locavore: eat local for a month and help humanity save itself from civilisational collapse
Sept 8 2022 How can we speak for those who cannot speak?
Sept 7 2022 Day Thirty-Two: Fear-Monkey
Sept 6 2022 Question for the readers on Medium: how do you find the stories that really interest you?
Sept 5 2022 Daodejing, two possible futures
Sept 3 2022 Using the yamas as hammas to nail the screw-up of your life to the sticking post of your ambitions
Sept 2 2022 What I say to myself when I hear myself blaming everyone else for my woes

Aug 2022

Aug 31 2022 Day Thirty-One: Sound from the Ground
Aug 30 2022 Day Thirty: The View From Elsewhere
Aug 30 2022 Winston Churchill, Air Minister after my great grandfather
Aug 28 2022 Day Twenty-Nine: Connecting the Dots
Aug 25 2022 I may be getting a little repetitive here: the ecological emergency is a

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