I really don't understand Medium. I clicked on an article that looked as though it was written by a member of Medium's staff - you, Breana - only to find you have fewer follwers than me - 93. That puzzled me. How can you be telling me what to do when you're not someone people are following in vast numbers and therefore it's hard to believe you have influence here? I may be wrong. Maybe this isn't how this works. But it's weird alright. And then I went to your profile and clicked on your 'lists' to find one labelled 'books. [sic]' This list is empty. How can someone who is apparently employed by Medium have set up an empty (and poorly labelled) list? It's all very strange. Please feel free to explain. I'm unable to read or respond to other stories today because my membership has mysteriously ended too. Hmmm. I'd love to know what's going on (the membership ending may simply be because I've run out of money and my account therefore couldn't be debited - that's happened before...). Also, anyone else who wants to weigh in on opinions here, please feel free. I'm mystified. Thank you!


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Lucy Weir

Lucy Weir

Ecological philosopher, writer, yoga and meditation facilitator. www.knowyogaireland.com